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                                          PUT THE DRUGS DOWN

               WRITTEN BY AHMED KARIM HANDFIELD 08/08/2015


No more pipes… no more needles…no more joints. When it destroys your family what’s the point. No more broken promises and let downs. No more leaving your family getting high out of town.

No more abuse under the influence. No hearts broken. No peoples’ lives ruined. No more let downs and set ups. No more abandonment. No more distrust. No more making your family bankrupt. No more stealing. Enough is enough. Are you done? Are you done? Are you finished? Almost every relationship you have is diminished.…resources depleted…defeated is your status…over dramatic. When will you put down the apparatus? What is your status? Take a long look in the mirror. Because now, the fact is total destruction is nearer for you. Get off the train tracks, because the train is on the way. The time to change is today Not tomorrow not next week, but right now. Right now Yo! PUT THE DRUGS DOWN.


I  was a child hopes and dreams in my heart. It seemed that I was doomed right from the very start. Mom left dad and married a drug dealer. I didn’t know she was a slave to the drug wheeler’s  dope when she couldn’t cope with stress. It was a downward spiral of destructiveness. The dope man she later left. Our lives drastically  changed. I cried when I left all my friends..life was rearranged.  We lived so many places I lost count. Drugs took a toll on her at an alarming amount. I’d be awakened in the middle of the night. Strangers in our apartment getting high as a kite. I kept writing raps I kept dreaming while mom’s life had no meaning. For drugs she was still feighning. I got depressed. Suicide, 2 attempts. I woke up wondering where my mom went.

 Days turned into weeks, from weeks to months. People put me out in the cold when all I wanted was a home. I hated that drugs came before me. She used to kiss me hug me…tell me that she loved me.

3rd Verse

 Mr. and Mrs. Trotter forever I will love you. My god parents took me in became my rescue. Once again I was able to laugh and smile. It’s true. It takes a village to raise a child.  I charge people all over this earth. When you do drugs your body’s not the only thing that you hurt. You break hearts. People are depending on you to come through and do what you’re supposed to do.  Don’t let yourself down. Don’t let down those who love you. You can’t do it on your own. The God above you will strenghthen you and give you the power of resistance, supernatural help, healing, and assistance.


 You can make it. You can quit. Make the decision. Don’t live a lifestyle of multiple collissions. Let it go. You can’t handle it on your own. Fathers, mothers loved ones come back home…… where you  belong . That child is waiting for you with open arms. Don’t make them experience hurt, shame, and harm. Neglect….pain…depression. No more lost but found. Put the drugs down! Put the drugs down.

















 Hey… I can breath.  I can feel.  I can see.  I can taste. I can touch.  Yo!  That’s what’s up!!  Everyday that’s above ground is a great day.  First priority is I’ve got to pray so I say… Lord, thank you for the breath that I breath.  Thank you!   Thank you for helping me to believe you Jesus.  Thanks for life….so much to achieve.  God  it’s your presence I just can’t leave.  See, I don’t have time for crying every night over my life about all the things that didn’t go right.  Man, it is what it is.  What’s done is done.  The past is gone. Now it’s time for me to move on.  Now death starts in your mind,  but there is a resurrection.  Provisions already made for the GOD  connection.  Life and death is in the power of  your tongue.  So, choose life. You’ll live to be a hundred and one.  Suicide is not an option.  When I chose Jesus/love I chose life (THE GREATEST  ADOPTION) .  I have much to look forward to. Tough times I  made it through.  Giving up is something I can’t do.  Heyyyyy!!!

 (HOOK)-----Suicide I don’t want your rides.  I’ve gotta…..keep living every day of my life and ah….suicide I don’t want your rides.  Man, I’ve gotta keep living I've got to keep giving. ( REPEAT ONE TIME).


 It’s easy to be depressed and stressed instead of focusing on all the reasons that I’m blessed.  Sitting back thinking about myself.  Oh no!  I’ve got to think of ways that I can help somebody else.  Our bodies belong to GOD.  Our bodies are God’s property.  So we’ve got to us it properly.  Suicide is physical vandalism.  Choose life instead of the fire eternal prison.  See,  I don’t have time to do myself harm….put a bullet in my head… shoot a needle in my arm….put a joint in my mouth….or have unprotected sex banging twenty-eight juicy freaks out….that’s not what life about.  People playing sexual Russian rullet.  You lay down with strangers and ain’t no telling what you’ll get,  or driving under the influence of alcohol.  Not only suicide on yourself….you killed them all.  We have assignments on earth to complete…a purpose for life  our lives we must not delete.  This insanity we can’t  afford. We shall not die.  We shall live and declare the works of the LORD.



  Most people don’t recognize that they’re blessed so I express my love for life with greatfulness.  I have to praise GOD daily for what’s going right. When I observe the less fortunate I see the light.  Look at how your body functions.  Is everything working…but  you’re still complaining.  What if your health worsens.  What if you had to wear a colostomy bag, or one leg was working while the other one you had to drag. Or what if you had to eat through a straw with a tube coming out of your chest going Into the left side of your jaw. Come on! Knock it off!  What’s the matter with you?!!   Get on your knees and give praises to GOD  to whom praise is due. Hey!  We pray for them and the love of GOD  we display to them. Count my blessings and life ain’t so grim.  The devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy.  To get you to kill yourself is his favorite ploy, but Jesus  came that we might have life more abundantly.  Hang on!! Life changes wonderfully.  Don’t give up!!  Jesus Christ is tight.  Believe you shall receive yo! And enjoy life



1st Verse- Worry, fear, doubt, disbelief….is the welcome mat for Satan. He’s the infamous thief.

                    He’s the author of lack and insufficiency. To abundant life, now he’s the enemy.

Numerous bills…numerous debts…numerous bounced checks, numerous telephone threats. Too many ulcers…migraine headaches, too much fear…too much drama for too many years. Too much unbelief…too many confessions of not being worthy…too much doubt…..too much worry…too much lack of understanding of the fact that GOD is the master of our financial planning. Too much worry about your children. Are they going to come home alive or is somebody going to kill them….too much worry about jobs. Will I get robbed? Is somebody going to car jack my car? Now hold up ya’ll because GOD is still on the throne. He’ll never leave us or forsake us. We’re never left alone. Dropping the ball is not allowed, for GOD gives all grace. Yo! You’d better keep your faith. Now sing it!

(Hook: No more worry no more fears. Who has kept you all these years?   Get on your knees and face and keep your faith.)

2nd Verse- We can’t forget who God is. We can’t forget that within us the spirit of God lives. We can’t faint in hard times and days of adversities. Without faith God we can’t please. You mean to tell me you’ve got doubts about the same God that brought the children of Israel out with silver and gold, the same God who invented hot, warm, and cold, the same God of the hundredfold? Behold!  The ultimate provider. He’s the king of deliverance, the God who gives all forgiveness, the God of the beginning and the ending, the God who can help all men to stop sinning. Worry and fear means you really don’t believe like the rich young man who walked away sad and grieved. Just receive that when you ask it shall be given. God knows everything we need while we’re living. So be of good cheer. God overcame the world. What is a bill when God made diamonds and pearls? Tell me. What is a thief? Tell me. What is a murderer?  Remember, no weapon is gonna prosper. Keep your faith.

(Hook: same as above).

 3rd Verse- There’s no need to fear, no need to doubt, no need to cry. This is a job for God El-shaddai. God is the one with the cure for cancer. Whenever you’re confused God has all answers. God is the universal great physician. God promotes us from low to high positions. God is the rock, our strength, the almighty. Never take prayer and time in the word lightly. You want to see God move? Give him your best offering. God never fails to deliver what he’s promising. God keeps it real, because he’s number One. Why wouldn’t he give you what you asked?  He gave you his son Jesus. It’s not God’s character to abandon. After you’ve done all that you can just keep standing and witness the fitness, strength, in GOD’S power. Give and witness as he rebukes the devourer. Let go! Let God! Don’t make life hard. God’s plan for man on earth is to live large. Never forget that God’s in charge. Worry is a waste! Yo! Never let go of your faith. Keep your faith.

(Hook: Same as above.)























1st Verse- My God is the universal traveler….crushing demons like a graveler.  Interested is how he’s having ya while he’s grabbing ya. Mental and your physical…even your spiritual.  When he’s finished you’ll be screaming, “It’s a miracle.  He’s Clearasil popping demons filled with puss.  Wickedness gets crushed….no fuss…no cuss…the word of God is what I trust. Never will he tire.  Though you perspire… you steadily inquire so you can pass it down the wire. Reflect cause it’s serious not delirious sometimes God’s mysterious, and you’ll be curious, but the Holy Ghost will open up and kick it to ya. Cause he always knew ya. You start to feel him in your heart shooting straight through ya. He’s been before the world was formed. God is known coast to coast… Border to border…shore to shore. God gives me messages to deliver. I don’t wither or deviate. Jesus is all I’ve got to give ya.   

(Hook) – Open up your eyes acknowledge God’s on the rise. – repeat 3 times

2nd verse – God never quits. Yo! He’s in it to win it. Too many souls on the line. God has no limits, and his spiritual vibrations penetrate and reverberates vocals on serving plates for heavy weights and rap greats. Take a break. You’ve got too much at stake. When you hate the devil is your soul mate. Up goes the death rate.  On your tombstone it reads, ‘True To The Game’. This is retarded and mundane…arrogantly insane…strangely profane. Your language range is ludicrous, negatively disturbing and quite useless. ruthless.  I can’t be clueless. I can’t do this and frequently go through this spiritual looseness. You’re trapped in ignorance, negligence of intelligence. Your rhymes are irrelevant as sights of pink elephants. You’ll accept God’s truth. Regroup! GOD’S word is like butter with a mixture of chicken and clam chowder soup.

(Hook-same as above)

3rd verse- Going back to my GOD. He’s the Sovereign One. Observe good vibrations..More of this kind of rap on secular radio stations. Salvation will be the situation across the nation. Revelations and people making prostrations to my G.O.D. There’s only one and always will be. If our actions are filthy then we’re guilty of voluntary self contamination causing physical and spiritual complications. Time out for inside contamination. It’s time to examine GOD’S word for information. Let’s break the fear! Break the hate! Break the rape! Break the death rates! Break wickedness on a plate! There’s no time to wait for correction. Our lives extend after spiritual resurrection. Let’s make the connection. Gospel destroys wrong directions and provides divine protection.

(Hook – same as above)

I   AM

















1st Verse – The battle cry was 5 o’clock. The angels urged me: Arise! Arise! Give GOD praise awake early. I woke up and gave my Lord the thanks and the praise for another day to serve HIM in all my ways. It was another day for many souls to be saved. My Mission was to snatch him from a fiery grave. Sergeant Holy Spirit said, “Soldier, let me explain it.” “The devil is in anguish.” “You must use heavenly language.” And as I started praying in the Holy Ghost I knew this…Destruction of Satan’s attacks I had to execute this. I heard Satan outside screaming, “Yo man what is this!” My Holy Ghost prayer kept him out of GOD’s business. He banged on my door with a double edged sword like he can afford to battle a saint trained for war. The weapon is the word of GOD, quicker, powerful and sharper. I’m the real deal. Satan is eternally the imposter. The shield of faith strapped around my arm, the helmet of salvation on. I hit the switch and sounded the alarm. I put on the breastplate of righteousness. You can’t even get into this arena with a bulletproof vest.

(Hook – Warfare on the battle front. The devil knows exactly just what I want. I’m going after all souls lost and confused. The word of GOD is the lethal weapon that I choose. –repeat 1 time) ---

2nd Verse – As I opened my door the light pierced the darkness. Satan’s attitude changed from hardness to softness. Time for the end time harvest. Work is plenteous for this gospel rap hip hop artist. As I looked out I saw men women and children walking paths designed for Satan to deceive and to kill them, to steal from them, to destroy to keep them unemployed, and take away their joy. By this, I became annoyed. People needed the word of GOD so that they could rest. I’ll rap until all families of the earth have been blessed. I saw people walking with steel balls and chains, burdens and yolks attached to their hearts and brains. Excruciating pain, stress, fear, afflictions, alcohol, drugs, sex and all other addictions. No faith. No wisdom. No strength. No hope. No life. No joy. No peace. Only their necks tied to the ropes. I yelled, “Stop!” “GOD is a GOD of second chances” “Repent!”  “Live life with CHRIST and GOD’s commandments!” “You don’t have to be the victim of the circumstance through the blood of JESUS you can have the victory and take a stand”.

(Hook-same as above)

3rd Verse --- Satan said, “Let’s get it on toe to toe blow to blow.” “Let’s see just how far your faith walk is gonna go.” “Break me off!” “Show me what you’ve got!” I said, “I’ll be laughing while you’re in the lake of fire while your carcass rots.” Satan asked, “How much of the word of GOD do you know?” The Holy Spirit hit the stopwatch and said, “GO!” Satan said, “I’ll curse you with attacks and adversities.” I said, “I can’t be cursed when GOD has not cursed me.” He said, “I’ll send demons and they’ll torment you everyday.” I said, “Angels always keep me safe in all of my ways.” He said, “I’ll take your privileges and you I’ll defile.” I said, “I have a blood bought right.” You’re not even a stepchild.” He said, “Wickedness!” I said, “I walk in righteousness.” He said, “Failure!” I said, “Everything I touch is blessed.” He said, “Depression!” I said, “Joy…Happiness!” He said, “Worry!” I said, “My soul is at rest!” He said, I’ll use guns..knives..grenades like my name was Arnold!” I said, “The weapons I use are not carnal. He said, “Hate!” I said, “Love!” He said, “Bats!” I said, “Doves!” He said, “I’ll take you down below!” I said I’ll rise above, YEA!”

(Hook- same as above)


(TRUST) ---

1ST Verse-The days and times we’re living in are Pitiful. Placing your trust in GOD is extremely critical. From the religious arena to the political. To find someone you can trust takes a miracle. Just when you think you can trust the next man, you become the victim of a dirty underhanded scam. Family members don’t even trust one another. Just like Joseph was betrayed by his own brothers. So, the question is who do you trust? Have you ever considered Jesus Christ? It’s a must for me…a big plus. He’s the son of almighty GOD. Like father…like son…GOD’S word is his bond. Jesus has no tricks…no traps..no schemes…false hopes or dreams..no walking on balance beams in the circus. Today’s world..it’s insanity. People mislead others to satisfy their own vanity. It’s sad when you can’t trust pastors, priests, and politicians holding elected appointed positions. Trust GOD or man. Choose your mission. We’ll be right back after these messages. Make a decision.

(Hook- Who do you trust? Tell me, who do you rely on?-repeat 3 more times).

2nd verse- We already know the problems. How about some answers. Distrust in this world is like cancer. First of all we should never put confidence in man. Even a prince breaks a promise every now and then. I’ve got to trust in the LORD, because man has let me down so many times setbacks I can’t afford. So I trust only what GOD says I can. The word of GOD is what I have to read and understand. Crazy things so many people believe in..the lottery..the palm readers..just to blend in. Follow the trends, but GOD’S rules never bend. You’ll be headed to a hopeless end. You ask, “What are the benefits in trusting GOD?  You’ll be blessed beyond measure. You’ll avoid the firing squad. When trouble comes the LORD will be your refuge...giving you wisdom so that you won’t be abused. Even if you’re falsely accused he’ll be your defense. HE’S the one who makes the judge breathe. It makes sense to trust the CREATOR and never trust creation. The LORD is never out on vacation. Who do you trust?

(Hook-same as above).

3rd Verse- Some people trust that their lottery numbers will drop. If they held their breath their eyes would pop out of their heads, they’d drop dead, then their numbers would fall and their friend would spend it all on a gold plated football. Come on ya’ll! Trust GOD! He makes sense taking care of you even when your money is spent. You can’t trust the economy, because it’s like a roller coaster. Trust GOD! He’s the ultimate finance controller. I trust the GOD who makes the paper trees that are cut down to make the paper money that we need. I trust GOD who made oceans and seas who helps me pay my water bill even in a tight squeeze. I trust GOD who gives breath to the bank loaner who turned me down, changed his mind..now I’m a home owner. I trust GOD who gives life to the farmer who grew the food. Now I’m full, happy, and in a good mood. I trust GOD who made the earth..made man..taught man to make studios and mic stands..studio computer programs..the microphone I’m holding in my hand and my vocal chords. I put my trust in the LORD.

(Hook-same as above)



1ST Verse- LORD, I love you. It’s me that you preserve. I have no desire to sway and swerve from your word. My LORD, I love you. You hear my voice and my supplications. You guide me through all my bad situations. LORD, I love you..protecting me from the devourer. You are my buckler..my brass nuckler..my strong tower.  LORD, I love you..my deliverer.. my rock..my strength.  I trust you to the full length. Now, you defend me..my shield..I rejoice. I shout..no doubt. The favor of my SAVIOR I can’t do without. I love your name. I dwell in my inheritance. The love of GOD and inheritance are quite relevant. LORD, I love you. Your commandments are above gold. As I obey your word I’m getting blessed tenfold. You’re words are right. I hate every false way. In your will I stay. I pray all of my days. Every time I obey your word...verily..verily...you bless my life with your prosperity. Check the clarity. I can’t stop giving you love and praise. LORD, I choose to walk in your ways. Oh yeah!

(HOOK- LORD you know I love you. You’re always coming through so true. There’s nothing else and no one else above you.. I love you. LORD, you know I love you. I love the way you do what you do. I let you know I put nothing else and no one else above you. Yea!)

(2nd Verse-)- LORD, I love you. Your words..your gifts you give them. You keep me. You preserve me with your wisdom. LORD, I love you. I need you. I seek you early. I can’t live my life only for what’s worldly. When I seek you I find you. You always take time to teach me strength your words are designed to keep it real. LORD, I love you. You cause me to inherit your substance…Godly treasure...godly pleasure. LORD, I love you. I can’t sin, because I’d wrong my own soul for something stupid like no self control. I love you, because if I hate you I’d love death and when the rapture comes I might get left. Forget that! LORD, I love you. I don’t want strife. I love happy life..happy kids...happy wife.  Hate sitrs up strife. I love you from the beginning until the end..Strangers, enemies, and friends. Love covers many sins. I love you. I can’t gossip..can’t backbite. I’ve got to speak good. Even my lips gotta do right. If I really love you I will delight in speaking no evil about others. Ooooooh…now that’s tight. (Hook- same as above)

3rd Verse-  LORD, I love you. You said I’ve got to love my enemies. LORD, I’ll do it, stay true to it and go through it. Even when they curse me, hate me, won’t relate to me. LORD JESUS please pray for me.  Even when they use me, abuse me, falsely accuse me, persecute me, and do me. No greater burden will the HOLY GHOST lay upon me. Even when the enemy preys upon me. LORD, I love you. I love my neighbor as I love myself. Instead of loving you to death I love you to health. LORD, I love you. You commanded your love toward me. You could have easily aborted me. My LORD, truly I love you. Our separation is impossible. It’s not logical my love for you is unstoppable. No tribulation, no famine, no distress, peril, sword, persecution, not even nakedness will keep me away from you, and you from me..together forever..tighter than leather be..eternally..internally..externally. divorce we’ll never see. I love you LORD. I sing the melody.

(HOOK- same as above) 




 1ST Verse- There’s a problem in the Body Of Christ. Let me be specific and pointblank precise. Hey!. I might not get a lot of amens or hallelujahs. I expect this to go straight to your heart. So, check you temper..your feelings. I hope that you can handle the truth I’ll be revealing. So, greet your neighbors, love on them, then you may be seated. Open your bibles to Matthew 7:1 then let’s read it. (Judge not, that you be not judged..)  Yet, Christians judge while their blessings are being smudged by their grudge..ignoring their own shortcomings and all their issues. Judgement must never be misused. People walking in imagined superiority..ignoring the fact that GOD has final authority. None of us are sitting and ruling upon the throne. Just leave all your brothers and your sisters alone. Too many hypocrites in the church. It’s better to not know the truth, than to know it and then still try to hurt another brother or sister. Man, this is scandalous. Christians I’ve got a question. Can you handle this.

(HOOK- Handle it! Come on! Look in the mirror and judge yourself brothers and sisters. Tell me! Can you handle it? Instead of beating your brother or sister down lift them up. Tell me! Can you handle it? Now how many people have you blessed today instead of judging them. Tell me. Can you handle it? Come on! Ya’ll are mighty quiet. When truth comes forth you can’t deny it.  

(2nd Verse) –Come on! Turn to Romans, chapter 14 verse 4, because I’m about to break you off and give you some more. I know what you want, but I’m a give you what you need. Is everybody there. Ready! Now, let’s read. (Who art thou that judges another man’s servant? To his own master he stands or falls observe this. Yea, he shall be holden up, for GOD is able to make him stand.)   Now, who are we to judge another man? Now judgement within the Body of Christ gets thick. On Sunday morning at church it really gets sick. “Child, did you see what she was wearing today?” “Did you see that?” “He ate his food without saying grace.” “Did you see the raggedy car that he was driving?” “I’ll bet she ain’t praying. I’ll bet you she ain’t tithing.” “They don’t have faith child.” “ Look at how they dress.” Body Of Christ we’ve got to get away from this mess. We are blessed..blessed to be a blessing. Instead of putting people down start blessing and stop stressing. Judge not according to the appearance of others. Never underestimate your brothers. Hello!

(HOOK- Same as above.)  

3rd Verse---Where are you going? I’m not finished with ya’ll. Listen to this. Hold your walking! Turn to Psalm 75:6 (Promotion cometh neither from the east, west, or south.)  So it must come from Heaven. Now, read verse 7 (but GOD is the judge. He puts down one and setteth up another)  from the word we can budge. We’ve got to stick together…make it through the stormy weather. To put down or judge others we must never. Don’t beat yourself up. Just repent and keep moving so our relations can start to improving. We can’t be like the crabs in the barrel. High-minded bad attitudes are much too narrow. Turn your bibles to the book of Mark 12:31. Are you ready to go? Here is my last one. It says, (Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.)  It’s alright to bless others and share wealth. No other commandment greater than these. The scripture is the car. Turn it on. Love is the key. I pray you learn something today. You are dismissed  Body Of Christ tell me. Can you handle it? 

(HOOK-Same as above). 



1ST Verse—I use to think that it was all about me..walking around rebellious in arrogancy. I had to have it my way in selfishness…wondering why I wasn’t getting blessed while I was stressed. I was in the world with a bad attitude, mean spirited, ugly, ill tempered, and rude. I got a little success and left out GOD.  I forgot that GOD is in charge. He’s larger than the universe. He made it. Arrogance and selfish pride. But hates this. I thought that I could succeed with out GOD’S instructions. I thought without GOD I could withstand corruption. I didn’t realize that I was nothing. Egotism and failure…they’re first cousins. Check it yo! Without GOD     where would I go? Who would I be. You feel me. It’s all about my G.O.D! 

(HOOK- It’s not about me. It’s all about my G.O.D. taking us to the T.O.P…straight to the top. So, we give GOD praise and we don’t stop.—repeat 1 time).  

2nd Verse—How many people want to give GOD praise? How many people want to give GOD praise? Come on! Now, I give GOD thanks and praise with no hesitation. Praise GOD! No matter how great the congregation. The righteousness of GOD on my tongue all day long. I give GOD praise whether its rap or praise song. Glorification of GOD is greater than glory of oneself. Self praise is bad for your health spiritually.  Let everything that has breath praise him cause GOD is worthy. HE’S so amazing. GOD’s loving kindness is greater than life itself. I praise GOD whether I’m broke or whether I’ve got wealth. I get my praise on. You feel me.  I didn’t know the way until GOD revealed it to me. Success won’t stop me from praising GOD.  I won’t let it. GOD’S grace and mercy..I can’t forget it. Without GOD where would I go? Who would I be. You feel me? It’s all about my G.O.D.

(HOOK- Same as above)

3rd Verse- Every word that proceeds out of the mouth of the LORD is precious. I inhale, consume, and absorb it like a sponge. My instruction manual is the bible. It’s reliable.. extremely vital..quite recitable.  The word of GOD..not my words..not my plans. GOD hates prideful haughtiness and arrogance. Thinking that it’s all about you. If GOD took your breath, your heart, your site, tell me what would you do. Humility is the key to success..the pathway to being blessed instead of stressed. Arrogance is the key to failure, being broke, and all the other sicknesses that ail ya. If I exalt myself I shall be brought down, but humility exalts me and gives me a crown. Without GOD where would I go. Who would I be? You feel me. It’s all about my G.O.D.


(NOT YET) ---

1ST Verse- As you turn on the t.v. set it’s hard to forget the terroristic threats and unpaid debts. The deception, the rumors of wars, the wars, and the propaganda, numerous lies, and much slander. Tell me the end of the world. Signs of the Coming of the Lord. Not yet! There’s so much more in store. Sorrows..afflictions for the sake of JESUS’S name. Some will experience shame and pain. Hatred, offenses, false prophets, and iniquities. GOD will ask, “Are you really with me?” We shall endure until the end. Love shall wax cold. Promise of salvation unto what we hold. Every nation shall hear the gospel. We’ll speak and preach mouthfuls..spiritual hospitals we shall be. Then the end shall be oh, so near. Hold on! Don’t fret. It’s not yet.

(HOOK- Nation to nation wars are lost and won. The end is not yet. Kingdom to kingdom they reject the son. The end is not yet.  –repeat one time.)----

2nd Verse-  Tribulation..the fall of many great nations..appalling abominations, desolation. Truth is told of coming revelation..gospel on every broadcast station. We’ll forget about our houses and cars and focus on the Creator of the Heavens and the Stars…the universes.  Rehearse this. It’ll be the worst the world ever witness since the beginning. Those who reject CHRIST won’t be grinning. In the last inning no more time for sinning. False Christs will perform miracles and wonders. Being deceived some will plunder under. And after all of that who turns the lights off. The Sun the Moon no longer shines days or nights of the last days..one last chance to change our wicked ways. Repent, receive, and give praise.

(HOOK-Same as above)…

3rd Verse----The end is not yet. The promises of GOD we can’t forget. We should never neglect or reject the Son of GOD. That’s a major threat. How do we expect

 salvation  if we don’t connect to the power. We’re in the final hour. Satan wants to devour all those who dwell in the strong tower. But salvation allows us to walk boldly in JESUS’S name. In GOD we trust that the Son of Man is coming in the clouds with all power…more breathtaking than the fall of the twin towers. Angels will gather those who chose to where the clothes of righteousness and grab hold of GOD’S word. Instead of smoking herb, being absurd, cursing, and shooting birds. They chose GOD to serve in deeds and thoughts..in all of their ways. Give praise. Yo! Son, we’re in the last days.

(HOOK- same as above)...........




1ST Verse- Now, I say what I have and I have what I say. I’ve got to say the word of GOD everyday, because over my life…my every situation. You have to say what you have just to receive salvation.  Divine protection… deliverance. Heaven or hell on earth..it’s up to you make a difference.  GOD said..GOD said..then GOD saw everything he said, precise, and without flaw. GOD said, “Let there be light.” and it came to pass. HE spoke to the earth and it brought forth grass. GOD said, “Let there be sea creatures and no doubt today we’ve got whales, shark, shrimp, rainbow trout. So, here’s the deal baby. I keeps it real baby.  You listen close truth is about to be revealed baby. Now GOD made me in his likeness ..his image..therefore I have GOD  ability. Oh! What a privilege.  GOD. He’s the same yesterday and forever.  The only thing changing is the world and the weather. So, you can have the victory everyday. Cause when you say what you have you have what you say.

(HOOK-Say what you have. Have what you say. Step up! You can create your own world today—repeat 3 x…

 2nd -Verse—Say what! Say what! Say what! I say GOD’S word. Every single noun, adjective, and every        

verb. The devil comes to steal the word and as he lurks. Let me explain and tell you how this word game works. Every time you say something your mouth becomes a magnet. Whatever you say good or bad you will attract it. So if you’re sick yo you’d better speak GOD’S health. If your pockets are empty you’d better speak GOD’S wealth. If you’re still in bondage you’d better speak deliverance.  You can’t forgive another speak of GOD’S forgiveness.   It’s like a computer. You upload what you need. This is truly GOD’S total incorruptible seed. It won’t stop ya’ll. It’s around the clock ya’ll. Speak his word. It’ll take you to the top ya’ll. This is how we rain ya’ll. This is how we roll ya’ll. Speak his word over your life and take control ya’ll. Speak the word of GOD over all of your circumstances. Everything..health, salvation, and finances. GOD said I am that I am and he don’t play. When you say what you have then you have what you say.

(HOOK-same as above)---

3rd Verse—I want to change everything around me. I want GOD’S grace and GOD’S bounty. The word profoundly surrounds me helping me cope. Say you’re dope free if you’re one dealing with addiction to dope. It’s not by my spirit but the spirit of the LORD.  To think it’s by my strength is a mistake I can’t afford. So I say it’s not by mine but thy will be done. I succumb to the Holy Spirit and GOD’S SON. JESUS is the name in which I truly trust. To say his word is the occupation that I must to represent his name.. not to bring him shame. I don’t want the pain..standing at the throne of GOD saying, “Please let me explain!” I declare I shall live and not die. I declare that with long life I’ll be satisfied. I declare that I am GOD’S righteousness. I declare that my entire life is completely blessed. I declare that I’m the head baby never the tail. With GOD I’ll prevail..never fail and never wail. GOD is everything I need..never going astray. When you say what you have then you have what you say. (HOOK-same as above). …




1ST Verse—Who in the world do you think you are laid back like a pimp in your chromed out car? New suit..nice boots.  Oh, you think you’re a star. All the ladies on the street giving you the applause. Bling. Bling. Bling. Bling. You’re the man of the hour. I’ll bet you didn’t know the devil is standing by to devour everything that you have as he passes through. But you can’t see the truth you think it’s all about you. Yo! Let me help you understand some facts. I don’t want to see you broken down stuck in the back. Check it yo!  It’s not about you or the weight of your gold or how much money you spent at the Super bowl.  It’s about who you serve and the state of your soul. Do you have peace..success..self-control? If you do you could live till a hundred and two. For real! If you do the things GOD tells you to do. Recognize he’s the one who allows you to breath. He’s the one who gave you the eyes so that you can see.  The tongue that you use to slick talk..the legs you use to pimp walk.  Baby, let me give you some better thoughts.

(HOOK- If you want success put GOD first. If you’re down with the devil here comes your hearse.  If you want true success you’ve got to believe. Give praise to the one who allows you to breath.—repeat 1 time)…

2nd Verse—The creator won’t settle for less. You’ve got to make it through the mess.  You’ve got to pass the test. Keep it real with yourself. In GOD we trust not the liquor store shake clubs freaks and lust. What!  What happens when you got disease? Is a forty ounce gonna put your mind at ease? No! You’ve got to get with the real McCoy. You work for the LORD and you’re always employed. Here’s a pen. Put your application on the table. GOD is willing, ready, loving, kind, and able. Player player give it up. Your life is on the line. It’s time to change spirit, soul, body, and mind. Yo! What’s the deal baby! GOD saves the lost.. paid for. JESUS already paid the cost. Rolling with the big G is gonna break you off. Instead of working on a job you’re becoming the boss. Yea! That’s what you call keeping it real.  It’s Karim breaking it down. I’ll tell you the deal.  Get your life right player. Live life for CHRIST and sleep good when you’re turning out your lights at night. Come on!

(HOOK-same as above)---

3rd Verse- I don’t like it when the saints be hating on the pimps and the players saints are steady debating whether or not a player goes to heaven or hell. GOD is the judge he’s the only one who can tell.  So player.  Keep it real. You can talk to me. But I’m gonna tell you about the truth..how to set you free.  When you need prayer homes’ you can give me a call.  Because the LORD Wants salvation for all. See, I’m not afraid to be talking to you. To see you have a better life I’ll do what I’ve got to do.  Instead of you being a victim of circumstance you can have victory, praise the LORD, and dance. You want a life of sin..GOD forbidden . You can take it. You can leave it. Without CHRIST truth is hidden. So, choose life so that you might live many days. Love GOD. Serve GOD in all of your ways. What! I kick it to you with the spiritual vibe. I promise you truth is something I would never deprive you of.  I’ve gotta go. I’m out. See you later player. Check please! Here’s a hundred dollar tip for the waiter. (HOOK-same as above)----




1ST Verse—I used to pray five times a day but got no answer. Sin consumed my soul worse than cancer. I romanced the devilish thoughts within my head. If I had not of changed course, today, I’d be dead.  Instead, I chose CHRIST..abundant life. Understand the LORD has the greatest benefits plan in the universe...no longer cursed. Without the blood life is a curse. With the Holy Spirit I converse. Today JESUS shows the way..the truth..the light. The word of GOD in my heart ignites the flight by example to live right. Maintaining the center of my life is CHRIST.  I had to come correct to break away from the wickedness. I disconnected and rejected the ways of the world, the loose girls, swindles and the swirls, and digging for the diamonds and pearls. I got a grip. Now equipped with the biblical  scriptures. The Holy Spirit is here to visit ya. So get the big picture. When the devil comes to visit you… hotter than hot. He’ll change the name to sizzler.  I used to say, “Hello!” “Is anybody there?”  Now I get answers to all of my prayers.  Filled with the Holy Spirit. Now I’m prepared as you glare and stare my testimony I want to share.  My LORD.

(HOOK- I’ve got to keep it real not phony. I only want to share my testimony. –repeat 2 times)---

2nd Verse- Give the LORD all thanks and praise and just wave your hands up in the air for your testimony. Give the LORD all glory and praise and say thank you JESUS. I used to pray to the east just before sunrise..practicing eastern rituals scriptural lies.  I was bowing to statues in a Japanese cult.  An unfulfilled life was my daily result. I was on my way to hell with a one-way ticket. Heaven or hell? Which destination? I had to pick it. Somebody prayed for me..heartfelt intercession..Intercepting my soul from hellfire projection. Then I had divine protection. No more evil connections. No satanic collections. No nails in my hands. I never had to bleed. GOD’S son set me free. Now I’m free indeed. No, it didn’t happen overnight. It took me some time to study biblical scriptures and to renew my mind. The truth I had to find. I left the past behind.  Now the LORD is still giving sight back to the blind. Now the Holy Spirit I’m walking in. You’ve got to keep it real when you’re walking in this lifestyle I’m walking in.  Satan, no authority to come stalking. I’ve got the blood of the SON. I got divorced from sin. My LORD.

(HOOK-same as above)---

3rd verse—Now, my world changed. No more false gods..loose girls.  Living by example I can change the world instead of the world changing me. Now I’m free. My strength..my rock is the W.O.R.D.  I started changing things about myself I did not like.  GOD started showing me things in my dreams at night. I started achieving goals I always dreamed of. I got a real deal revelation of GOD’S love.  I found out that I can change my world with GOD’S word. That faith comes by hearing and not having heard the truth the light. Now I know wrong from right. My days and nights are now filled with delight. No limitations. No false explanations. No more mentality of living on plantations owned by Satan..the slave driver, conniver. Victorious in life. I’m alive. The old man I used to be is six feet under. I’m no longer misled. I’m no longer wondering what I’m living for. Now, I’m no longer lonely. It’s time for you to choose and give your own testimony. My LORD.

(HOOK- same as above. ) 




(HOOK- Don’t you know that salvation is something we should never waste. Put your sin down. Come to JESUS and get in your rightful place.)

1st Verse- There was a young brother who was running his games. He had wealth and fame. He made outrageous claims on the microphone about being a pimp…playa..gangster. Spiritually he was a wimp. He came home at 12 midnight and drank a forty ounce of alcohol. When it came to sin he did it all. He fell upon his bed into a deep sleep he entered. He heard a demonic voice screaming, “Grab the sinners!” He saw people running for their lives from the attacks. Then he saw Satan with knives, and chains and gats with a gang of demons. Then GOD’s angels appeared. He was losing his mind. He screamed. He trembled. He feared. He saw GOD’s angels in combat position. One said, “Protect only the ones with salvation!” He said, “Wait!” “I want that!” “Give it to me!” The angel said, “Open your mouth and after me repeat.”

(HOOK- same as above)

2nd Verse- Now the angel said, “It’s not time for you in Heaven yet” “We’ve got a list of souls for you to go and get.” He came back to earth. The Holy Spirit moved in and tightened up all shortcomings and loose ends. He asked the Holy Spirit, “Who paid for my salvation?” The Holy Spirit said, Jesus, the foundation.” They jumped in an SUV and started cruising. The Holy Spirit counseled him for spiritual improvement. They passed by Temptation Avenue and Sickness Boulevard. Sin Parkway was extremely large. The Holy Spirit said, “Sin is very expensive.” “So remember, the GOD in you must not be tempted.” The brother said, “How come I didn’t die in my wicked ways?” The Holy Spirit said, “GOD wants all to be saved, but we choose righteousness or wickedness, bondage or freedom. We choose to love GOD or to leave him.

(HOOK-same as above)

3rd Verse- As they cruised down the narrow Salvation Avenue they passed by wisdom, faith, strength, and truth. They saw countless testimonies of forgiveness. They saw great miracles in stores for GOD’s business. GOD gave his only begotten Son. Whoever believes in Him shall not perish. No! Not One! And if you sin, repent because you’re redeemed and justified freely. Then GOD’s grace is on the scene to intervene. JESUS is the way we can’t deny this. Coming by any other way don’t even try this. You’re wasting your time. Let’s send an e-mail to all. Salvation is a toll free call to JESUS for those who ball, and pimp, and like to get your freak on. Those in bondage and sin spending your every week on. The brother woke up, went to church, and got saved. He escaped Satan’s fiery grave.

(HOOK- same as above)


---- THE END


(*All songs written and performed byA.K.Handfield. Salvation music produced by M. Thomas. All other music produced by

A.K.Handfield. Album recorded and mastered at (In God  I Trust Studio with T. Gilchrist) *BMI Member/ *Copyright 2004)

*Special Thanks: GOD, family, friends, and supporters.  


Every success Lord..every victory..I will give you glory.  All the loving kindness you have shown to me....truly I adore thee.  Not my will Lord, but let yours be done.  
You're the all knowing one.  Lord I give you my all.  You know what's best for me....best for me...ohhhh  Lord, that you...you would bless me. Yes, indeed.  And enlarge
my territory.  Yea, yea, yea, yea. 
Not my will Lord, but yours for me.  I'll obey you only. You took my sins and casted them in the sea of forgetfulness.  Now I'm free.  No more limitations will hinder me.
You paid pricelessly. Now you are in charge. Success is my destiny...destiny. Oh Lord, that you would bless me.  Yes, indeed.  And enlarge my territory.  Yea, yea, yea,
yea.  (Bridge)  Lord, I don't want to be blessed just to spend upon myself, but Lord, I want to be blessed so I can help somebody else. So, Lord, bless my family.....Oh
Lord, bless my ministry.  Oh, Lord all my blessings flow from you. Yea, yea, yea, yea.  Lord, bless my business.  Oh, Lord, bless my traveling. Oh, Lord, all my blessings 
flow from you. Yea, yea, yea, yea.  Lord, that you....you would bless me.  Yes indeed....and enlarge my territory. Yea, yea, yea, yea.  (adlib)--The End

Pardon me father.  Sometimes it's hard to cope in a world that's oh so trying. It's you who gives me hope. I just want to say I love you. You deserve all glory and
praise. I thank you so sincerely for showing me the way. When I wake up the first thing I feel is your unending love. You're more than a friend. You are more than I
could dream of. You always come through.  What would I do without you. I vow that wherever you lead me I will folow you. I adore you. You have made a
difference in my life helping me to do what's right, and I honor you Jesus for helping me to be the best that I can be. Forever shine your light on me.
Now, there ain't no need to worry. You've got things all worked out. Inside me there's no fear Lord and certainly no doubt. People say that I'm crazy because I put
my trust in you. They don't know what you've done for me. They know not the works you do.  So give me this day to testify you're the king and mighty ruler,
maker of peace, harmony, and author of true love. You always come through. What would I do without you. I vow that wherever you lead me I will follow you. I
adore you. You have made a difference in  my life helping me to do what's right and I honor you Jesus for helping me to be the best that I can be. Yea. Forever shine
your light on me.  When I wake up you're the first one I think of.  You always come through.  What would I do without you helping me. I adore you. You have made
a difference in my life helping me to do what's right and I honor you Jesus for helping me to be the best that I can be. Forever shine your light on me.   (The End)


In times of trials and tribulations evil will come your way, but there's one thing that you can count on.  GOD will deliver you today.  When it seems
like you can't make it there's one thing that you must know. Don't give up.  Keep your faith.  Trust that GOD knows how much you can take. Stand up
firm on GOD'S holy word.  You can't lose when you're facing GOD first. Don't give up. No. 
Fiery trials in life will come and go.  Don't let them steal your joy. Just call upon the name of JESUS and then listen and obey GOD'S voice. This is
the time to be of good cheer. For, GOD has overcome this world. Don't give up. Keep your faith.  Trust that GOD knows how much you can take.
Stand up firm on GOD'S  holy word. You can't lose when you're placing GOD first. Work your patience and endure. Trials come to all the rich and
the poor.  Deliverance comes from the LORD.  To give up on your lives you can't afford. He told me to tell you don't give up. Keep your faith.  Yea.
Yea.  Trust that GOD knows how much you can take. Stand up firm on GOD'S holy word.  You can't lose when you're placing GOD first.  (The End)


I can't forget the troubled times that I've had, but you were there and me you would hold.  I can't forget when the troubled winds of life would blow.
You kept me warm when they were so cold. Give me your protection in times of danger. Give me the patience to learn a better way.  Help me to
share all that you've given to me everyday.  I know GOD is the source of my supply.  I know GOD is the source of my supply.
I can't forget the times I felt so hurt inside, but with your strength you filled my heart.  I can't forget the way you'd help me just in time when life
seemed to just fall apart. Give me your protection in times of danger.  Help me to control feelings of fear and anger. Help me to transform my life
into the best that it can be so I can be free.  Free! Oh..... I know GOD is the source of my supply. I know GOD is the source of my supply. 

I won't worry...won't fear.  LORD you know you are the one that I can depend on. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me and now
I'm strong. You would help me walk on water if that's what you had to do just to protect me. I know you would not mind at all.  Since your word says I
I shall live and declare your works I trust you  LORD in a wold of fear and insecurity.  Since your word says that no weapon shall prosper I trust you
LORD.  In your perfect will is where I want to be.
When I'm in trouble I can call on you.  You'll answer me. You've set your love upon me.   Nothing and noone else takes your place.  LORD you are
my one...my only.....my GOD.  You'd part the Red Sea just to make sure know one and nothing destroys me.  I know you would not mind at all.
Since you word says I shall live and declare your works in a world of fear and insecurity.  Since your word says that no weapon shall prosper.  In
your perfect will is where I want to be.   (THE END)

Thank you LORD. LORD you are the one I'm thinking of.....such a precious sacrifice of Love.  I choose to obey you in all of my ways. LORD of you
I'm not ashamed.  On the cross you bared the pain and the best that I can do is lift your name.  LORD I thank you for the times you've shone me
your glory and your greatness, and I thank you for your grace and mercy passed down through the ages.   LORD I thank you for the sacrifice you
made to set me free.  I just cant stop thanking you for all you've done for me. I just can't stop thanking you for all you've done for me.
You gave me deliverance from the pain. So thankful...I'll praise you and lift your holy name....the name JESUS.  To you be all the glory thank you
for your grace. You could never be replaced.  Without you I have no faith.  I no longer seek your hand. LORD I seek your face...your face.
LORD I thank you for the times you've shone me your glory and your greatness, and I thank you for your grace and mercy passed down through
the ages. LORD I thank you for the sacrifice you made to set me free. I just cant stop thanking you for all you've done for me. I just can't stop
thanking you for all you've done for me. (BRIDGE)
Thank you for your glory and greatness and your grace and mercy passed down  through the ages.  LORD I thank you for I thank you for the sacrifice you made to set me free. I just cant stop thanking you for all you've done for me.  Thank you for your glory and
 greatness...... your grace and mercy passed down through the ages.  LORD I thank you for the sacrifice you made to set me free. I just can't stop
 thanking you for all you've done for me. LORD I thank you for the times you've shown me your glory and your greatness....and I thank you for your
 grace and mercy passed down through the ages. LORD I thank you for the sacrifice you made to set me free. I just cant stop thanking you for all
 you've done for me. (THE END)

Hey!!! I can breathe. I can feel. I can see. I can taste. I can touch. Yo! That's what's up. Hey!! Everyday that's above ground is a great day. First
priority is...I've got to pray. So I say, "Lord, thank you for the breath that I breathe." Thank you. Thank you for helping me to believe you Jesus. Thanks
for life....so much to achieve. God it's your presence I just can't leave. See , I don't have time for crying every night over my life about all the things
that didn't go right. Man, it is what it is.  What's done is done. The past is gone.  Now it's time for me to move. Now, death starts in your mind, but there is a
resurrection. Provision is already made for the God connection. Life and death is in the power of your tongue. So, choose life. You'll live to be 101. Suicide
is not an option. When I chose Jesus I chose life ( The Greatest Adoption). I have much to look forward to. Tough times I made it through. Giving up is
something I can't do. Suicide I don't want your rides. I've got to keep living everyday of my life. Suicide I don't want your rides. I've got to keep living. I've got to
keep giving.

It's easy to be depressed and stressed  instead of focusing on all the reasons that I'm blessed....sitting back thinking about myself. Oh no!! I've got to
think  of ways that I can help somebody else. Our bodies belong to God. Our bodies are God's property. So, we've got to use them properly. Suicide is
physical vandalism. So chose life instead the fire-eternal-prison. I don't have time to do myself harm, put a bullet in my head, shoot a needle in my arm,  
put a joint in my mouth, or have unprotected sex banging 28 juicy freaks out. That's not what life's about. People playing sexual Russian Roulet. When you
lay down with strangers there's no telling what you get....or driving under the influence of alcohol. Not only suicide on yourself...you killed them all. We have
assignments on earth to complete....a purpose for life. Our lives we must not delete. This insanity we can't afford. We shall not die. We shall live and declare
the works of the Lord.

Most people don't recognize that they're blessed so I express my love for life with greatfulness. I have to praise God daily for what's going right. When I observe
the less fortunate I see the light. Look at how your body functions. Is everything working? But, you're still complaining. What if your health worsens. What if
you had to wear a colostomy bag, or one leg was working while the other one you had to drag.  What if you had to eat through a straw with a tube coming out of
your chest going into the left side of your jaw. Come on!!!! Knock it off!!!  What's the matter with you?!  Get on your knees and give praise to GOD to whom all
praise is due. Hey! We pray for them. The love of God we display to them. I count my blessings and life ain't so grim. The devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy.
To get you to kill yourself is his favorite ploy but, Jesus came that we might have life more abundantly. Hang on!!!! Life changes wonderfully. Don't give up. Jesus
Christ is tight. Believe you shall receive ya'll and enjoy life.   Suicide I don't want your rides. I've got to keep living everyday of my life. Suicide I don't
want your rides. I've got to keep living. I've got to keep giving.  (THE END)







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